“I wish to thank you so much for your most inspiring words of both challenge and encouragement for our students on their way to graduating from PGCPS this month. Your contributions to our Senior Celebration 2017 event were warmly received by all present; and, I appreciate your generous time and commitment to motivating students to strive for and achieve their fullest potential.”

Karene C. Brodie, Executive Director, Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection


“Thank you, Victor, for speaking so eloquently at our closing ceremony.”

Linda Cameron, CreativeWorks Program Coordinator, Joe’s Movement Emporium


“His words were very relatable, and his delivery was very impressive.”

Cathy Smith, CreativeWorks Program Director, Joe’s Movement Emporium


“He was so inspiring.”

Leonel S., Student


“Very encouraging and motivational.”

Ellie W., Student