Speaking Topics

Pushing yourself, your children, and/or your students to do well in K-12 schools
Although Victor was anxious about taking advanced courses so early in high school, he ultimately decided to enroll in challenging classes in large part because of the encouragement of his parents and school staff members.  Victor can speak about the critical role that positive reinforcement played in his educational experience and the specific actions that he took in order to achieve academic success.               
Navigating the college and/or law school application process
Are you unsure of what to write about in your application essays or what extracurricular activities may improve your applications?  Victor has a proven track record of gaining admission into extremely selective schools and he would love to share his tips with your students and/or children.
Getting acclimated to college and/or law school
Going to college and/or law school can be a scary thought for many young people.  They may have no idea of what to expect once they actually set foot on campus.  They may not even know if they will be able to make it to their second semester.  Victor can share his own college and law school experiences regarding a variety of topics, e.g., balancing schoolwork and extracurricular activities and talking with professors and students about racially-charged issues.
Falling in love with writing and performing
Writing can be a great way to process your thoughts and emotions, but many students think writing is boring or even intimidating.  Other students may be interested in writing but may be too nervous to ever share their work in public.  Victor can discuss what sparked his own interest in writing and performing and offer advice to students who are struggling to find their own voices.